Anatomy of a cover design

As the focus of Messianic Men got clearer, I needed a cover to convey the spirit of the book. I scoured the web and looked for a work of art for what I imagined in my mind: Jesus had gotten off the donkey he sat on in the procession into Jerusalem and was heading to the Temple for some serious business (kick butt and take names).

No work of art I could find captured this Jesus, so I looked for an artist who could create it. I saw some work by Justin Donaldson ( and felt he could capture what I had in mind.

While watching an episode of Better Call Saul, (the Breaking Bad prequel) I saw attorney Kim Drexler head down a hallway, followed by a team of attorneys, to give a difficult District Attorney the business. That’s it! I paused the show, shot a pic, and sent it to Justin.

I thought it would be fun to show the two, side by side. If Jesus were a woman, Rhea Seahorn would be my choice for the role.

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