What is Messianic Men and who is Rick Michels?

Messianic Men is a journey through the life of Jesus and especially the men and women who foresaw his rise, raised him to manhood, encountered him as friend or foe, and followed him to launch the Christian revolution that reverberates today. It is a comprehensive look at the personal, geopolitical, prophetic and spiritual ramifications of the life of history’s most influential figure and the people around him who played their vital part in changing world history. 

The advent of the Jewish Messiah transformed the world so powerfully the calendar was changed to mark it. His birth threatened a king, astounded astrologers, and served notice of the rise of a new kingdom. It is a kingdom founded by a working class hero, whose undertakings in a backwater region of Israel caught the attention of an oppressed people longing for the greatness they believed was their destiny. From there, the man from Galilee swept into Jerusalem with an unassuming team of followers. In the remarkable events that led to one unforgettable week, Jesus the Messiah directly challenged Israel, served notice to Rome, and changed the world to what we see today.

The story is written with the fresh perspective of a trained reporter who goes where the best sources lead to weave a delightful and well-reasoned narrative. Evidence, scholarship, reason, and conjecture all take their proper places as Michels examines the written record to discover the Messiah portrayed to us by those who knew him best. This is the Jesus every person must examine for him or herself.

Rick (Erich) Michels is a Seattle area writer and journalist. Rick worked as a reporter for daily and weekly newspapers in the 1980’s, including the Everett Herald and Catholic Northwest Progress, before co-founding a successful software company serving scientific  and health fields. Rick also served as editor and lead science writer for the ISBER News, covering developments in biobanking and biospecimen research.

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