Reader Endorsements

Below are comments I’ve received from readers – Rick

“I’ve been truly enjoying Messianic Men. I appreciate how the text breaths new life into a tale as old as time; making it accessible and relatable. Where normally the telling of these scenes and characters are steeped in such supernatural divinity and dogma as to make them too fantastic to connect with as historical figures (let alone flesh and blood people), Messianic Men returns the human element to the story of the one where God was human.”

“I have been bored with Christian writing. Very few devotionals these past couple years have been able to keep my attention, I suppose I could be reading the wrong ones. The book I’m reading for the women’s bible study at church is boring me and I feel like a terrible person for thinking that. Now all that said, your book has brought me new insights and clearer understanding to stories I have heard ALL my life! It has not only created more understanding about the Bible characters and what they are dealing with during their time, it has also drawn comparisons to our time and given me so much food for thought! I am drawn in by your thorough examination of these events and people and hooked on your writing style of candid observations.”

“When I contemplated reading this book, I thought: “Here we go again, another story about the life and times of Jesus of Nazareth”. I’ve read and seen videos of this story so many times over the years, I didn’t know if I wanted to delve into it once again. What a pleasant surprise awaited me after reading the first chapter to find that here was a unique rendition of the time honored story. What makes this rendition so special is the way the author was able to cloth the accepted historical facts in contemporary references and anecdotes such as “2001: A Space Odyssey”. The author includes an extensive discussion of the methodology he used in developing the narrative such as drawing on “Histories” by Herodotus. Although I wouldn’t characterize the book as an academic work, it is a most enjoyable read leaving the reader with ample food for thought concerning the life and death of Jesus as given by the Gospels.”