Revelation 13 in 5 minutes or less

Satan (Rev. 12:9) gives Beast (i.e., Antichrist, 666) a throne, power and glory to rule over all the nations. The Beast dazzles world, and creates an image of himself, and tells the world to worship it (refusal subject to punishment by death). Beast creates a mark to be worn by people in order to buy and sell.

So, to define our key terms biblically:

Man = Image of God (Genesis 1:27)

Beast = a man (Rev. 13:18)

Image of Man = ???

My speculation is this:

Image of Man = Artificial Intelligence (AI – under construction)

We are currently building and perfecting AI. AI will never surpass man, for it was created by the mind of man and as a created entity it never supplant its creator (or will it?). But whether man can create a being greater than himself or not, AI will be the most complete image of man in all man’s glory. The image will be so complete, and so much the pinnacle of man’s genius, and solve so many problems man faces, that man will end up worshipping it. (Rev. 13:15)

Regarding the details, speculate among yourselves regarding cashless society, commerce, mark of beast (e.g., a chip, barcode, a concept), etc. Always fun, and I’m happy to join in.

But the key takeaway is this: Image of Beast = Image of man

On the other hand:

Jesus = Image of God (Colossians 1:13), begotten, not made

As a wise man once said. You gotta serve somebody.

Image of God or Image of Man?

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