Reza Aslan is often wrong. On MAGA hat wearing kids, and on Pontius Pilate

Reza Aslan is the biblical scholar whose work (“Zealot”) I both support and dismantle in my own book “Messianic Men.” Recently, this former CNN contributor posted tweets against the MAGA hat wearing kid, saying he has a “punchable face.” It appears he has walked back his comments…somewhat. Certainly he has deleted the offensive tweet. Good for him.

We all get suckered by confirmation bias. But my real disagreement with Aslan is not whether some poor kid caught in an uncomfortable position not of his doing has a punchable face. Heck, I probably have a punchable face. While I am commanded to turn the other cheek, punching it without provocation is a crime, so don’t act on it whether I or anyone else makes such a statement. Rather, my disagreement with Aslan is his assertion that Jesus’s trial before Pilate is a fabrication.

The difference: I show my work. He merely asserts his opinion.

If you are interested in receiving a free chapter (“Why Pilate Hesitated”) of my book, contact me (link on site masthead above) with your email.

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